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Brow Henna Artistry Certification Course By The Brow Girl objective is for students to thoroughly understand brow mapping, color theory, hair anatomy, and of course brow henna application as well as a few tricks and some of The Brow Girl “secrets” to create some amazing henna brows!

For ultimate results, I HIGHLY recommend using the Puríste line. For a special discount on your brow henna kit, visit and at checkout use code “thebrowgirl”

*When registering for a professional account with Body Wax Brazil, please enter school code “Thebrowgirl” for discounted pricing (10%)... you’ll automatically be eligible for the student/professional discount once you register using that discount code. Keep in mind, the system takes about 15 mins after you register your account to apply the discount pricing  

*After completing your course, if you would like a certificate of participation, please screenshot your completed course and email: [email protected]

Please allow up to 28 days to receive certificate via email.

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